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Try These Delicious Vegan Cocktails

try these vegan cocktails

Who said veganism was a restricted diet? Let’s dive into 2022 with these mouthwatering alcoholic vegan cocktails and our top tips on how to enjoy them NoLo (no alcohol and low alcohol) know, just in case you’re doing a double whammy and trying out veganism AND going alcohol-free this year!

From creamy to fruity, classic to modern, and gin-based to alcohol-free, we’ve gathered some of the best plant-based cocktail recipes that you can make from scratch to captivate your friends and family.

Bottoms up!

Can vegans drink cocktails?

If you’re trying out veganism for the first time then you might be asking yourself this question. Perhaps someone has told you that a plant-based diet is restrictive and that alcohol options are limited for vegans. However, the more you delve into the vegan lifestyle, the more you discover and the sky really is the limit for vegan cocktails!

In fact, thanks to the production process, the majority of alcoholic spirits and alcohol free spirits alike tend to be suitable for vegans; just watch out for flavourings such as honey and cream. What’s more, although you should always double check, many wine and beer brands are following suit and it’s now much easier to get hold of cruelty-free beverages. If you’re ever unsure, check out Barnivore.

There are even alternatives to egg whites and plant-based creamy mixers similar to Baileys nowadays. So yes, vegans can most certainly drink cocktails! To prove it, here are some of our favourites:

vegan white russian cocktail
Photo credit: Great British Chefs

1. Vegan White Russian

Who needs cow’s milk when you’ve got almond milk and soy cream?


Make it NoLo

Substitute the Kahlúa with a non-alcoholic coffee syrup such as Monin Coffee Syrup and the vodka with your favourite clear alcohol-free spirit. Make it low by using half alcohol and half non-alcoholic alternatives.

Why not try out a smoky twist by using Dandy Smoke alongside the coffee syrup.

clover club vegan cocktail

2. Clover Club #2

A vibrant vegan cocktail with a citrus and tart raspberry taste. The secret to the foamy top? Instead of egg whites, this recipe uses aquafaba (chickpea water) to create that classic smooth mellow mouthfeel.


Make it Alcoholic

The Clover Club #2 vegan cocktail is already non-alcoholic! But you can add some gin or vodka if you’d like to make it low or alcoholic.

vegan chocolate martini cocktail
Photo credit: Veggie Fun Kitchen

3. Dairy-Free Creamy Chocolate Martini

It’s rich, it’s creamy, it’s got one heck of a kick, it’s also dairy-free! For the chocaholics amongst you, this vegan version of a Chocolate Martini will fulfill all of your sweet tooth cravings. You can make your own liqueur (details in the recipe link provided) or you could buy a ready made one, such as the M&S Vegan Chocolate & Coconut Cream Liqueur.


Make it NoLo

Use a good quality chocolate syrup instead of the liqueur to lower the alcohol content of this vegan chocolate martini. You could also experiment with non-alcoholic spirits that can be used instead of vodka, brandy, or rum.

vegan bloody mary cocktailPhoto credit: My Vegan Dreams

4. Vegan Bloody Mary

Many claim that the Bloody Mary draws its name from Queen Mary I of England’s ruthless rule where the tomato juice represents the blood spilt. Nevertheless, this delicious cocktail is often used as a soothing hangover cure - a much more placid association…well, depending on the severity of the hangover of course!

It’s super easy to adapt to ensure that the cocktail complies with the vegan lifestyle. Simply swap the Worcestershire Sauce with a plant-based version, such as Henderson's Relish (which doesn’t contain anchovies). This recipe also calls for soy yoghurt, to make it that extra bit creamy!


Make it Alcoholic

The recipe above is for a Virgin Vegan Bloody Mary, which you can easily add 45ml of vodka to in order to make it alcoholic. Add some freshly ground black pepper for an extra kick!

vegan negroni cocktail
Photo credit: Laura Vincent

5. Vegan Aperol Negroni

The great news is that many of the classic cocktails such as the Old Fashioned and Zombie are already vegan. However, Campari uses a filtration process that is not vegan-friendly, which means that Negronis are usually off limits! Since it’s one of the most balanced and delicious cocktails ever and we don’t want you to miss out, we’ve decided to share a vegan Negroni recipe with you.


Make it NoLo

Simply substitute the London Dry Gin for CROSSIP Pure to make it low or read our blog on how to make a non-alcoholic Negroni at home.

vegan tequila mockingbird cocktail

6. Tequila Mockingbird

Tequila is derived from the agave plant and is processed without any animal products, which makes the Tequila Mockingbird the perfect vegan cocktail! Tequila is not to be mistaken with Mezcal, which is also made from agave.


Make it NoLo

Swap half or all of the tequila with CROSSIP Fresh Citrus for a delicious NoLo vegan cocktail.

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