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Luxury Alcohol-Free Coffee Cocktails (to Celebrate Coffee Day)

CROSSIP alcohol-free coffee cocktail

Coffee. It helps us to get out of bed in the morning, fuels our work, supports our studies, and stimulates conversations with friends. It contains the most widely consumed psychoactive substance in the world: caffeine. What’s more, coffee is also the perfect ingredient for a mocktail!

It’s International Coffee Day on the 1st of October and to celebrate, we’ll be sharing our favourite coffee cocktail and discussing what makes this rather palatable bean so gosh darn awesome.

The Origins of Coffee

According to legend, coffee was discovered by a goat herder named Kaldi. Whilst roaming the ancient coffee forests of Ethiopia, his goats nibbled on some coffee cherries and were subsequently so energetic that they failed to go to sleep. Kaldi reported his observations to a local monastery and the monks soon began experimenting with a drink made from these salubrious fruits.

coffee beans used to make a coffee cocktail

Nowadays, coffee is drunk all over the globe and is of great economic importance. Across the aptly named Bean Belt (the area between 25° N and 30° S), there are roughly 70 countries that produce coffee, 50 of which export the beans. From Ethiopia to Brazil and Indonesia, coffee has made its remarkable journey across the world and can even be enjoyed in delicious coffee cocktails at several London bars serving alcohol-free.

International Coffee Day

Due to its economic importance, an intergovernmental organisation for coffee was founded in 1963. Its aim? To bring together exporting and importing governments to tackle challenges facing the coffee industry through international cooperation! The most recent challenge took the form of a global pandemic, which has had extreme consequences on the coffee sector. 

Therefore, International Coffee Day is a great opportunity to raise awareness of the plight of coffee growers. It’s also used to promote sustainable coffee practices and to celebrate coffee as one of the most cherished drinks in the world.

By drinking a Fairtrade coffee cocktail this October, you’ll be supporting the coffee farmers to improve the quality of life for their families and communities. It will also encourage more producers to follow sustainable and ethical practices, lessening the impact on the environment and reducing poverty in developing countries.

Coffee...the Perfect Cocktail Ingredient?

Coffee tastes divine in a cocktail. So much so that countless cocktail recipes have been created to celebrate this wonderful ingredient! From Espresso Martinis to Irish Coffees, El Cafecitos, Coffee Old Fashioneds, Sicilianos, Colorado Bulldogs, Cold Brew Cabanas, and Hot White Russians. The combination of alcohol and bittersweet coffee is a match made in heaven. Coffee cocktails can be creamy, bitter, or sweet. They are enjoyed hot and cold, in the afternoon as a pick-me-up, as a dessert, or as a delightful way to finish off the evening. 

coffee cocktail

But sometimes, you may wish to enjoy a coffee cocktail before making a good impression during an afternoon Zoom meeting. Or perhaps you want to stay off the booze to experience the benefits of going alcohol-free? Whatever your reasons, you can still enjoy a coffee cocktail without the alcohol.

How to Make an Alcohol-Free Coffee Cocktail

This is a coffee cocktail recipe you can make absolutely anytime you fancy. Just beware that if someone sees you making one for yourself, you might get lumbered with the task of making them one too...but you’ll also become the most popular person ever, so it could be worse!

Before you make this coffee cocktail, you’ll need to get hold of some top quality espresso coffee. You could make the best coffee in the world yourself. Alternatively, pop down to your local coffee shop and grab some from there.

Let’s get mixing!

an alcohol-free coffee cocktail


(The best coffee cocktail our humble opinions)

Deep, rich java notes mingle with sweet spice and smoke to create a spectacular sipper.


30ml CROSSIP Dandy

5ml CROSSIP Pure

5ml Muscovado Syrup

30ml Espresso Coffee

Garnish Burnt Coffee Beans


Add all the ingredients to a Rocks glass. Add Ice. Stir for 20 secs until combined.

Now, sit back, relax and enjoy your alcohol-free coffee cocktail. Go on, you deserve it!

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