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Swanky New Year's Eve Cocktails (Alcoholic & NoLo)

alcohol free new years eve cocktails

As you gently guide the tired and aged figure of 2021 to the exit door, why not slip something into their hand that will revive their spirits?

The year 2022 is fast approaching and we can’t think of a better way to start the New Year than by drinking some scrumptious cocktails with loved ones…from the same household, of course!

woman celebrating new years eve alcohol free

Whether you’re after a stiff drink to help you forget the pandemic blues or you’d prefer to ring in Dry January with a non-alcoholic beverage, we’ve got a cocktail for everyone. In case you’re moderating your drinking this NYE, each cocktail comes with our top tips on how to make them NoLo.

A New Year’s Eve Champagne Cocktail…With a Twist

Instead of toasting in the New Year with a classic glass of champagne, mix things up a bit by adding a little twist! Try out one of these fantastic New Year’s Eve cocktail ideas by The Culture Trip:

new years eve champagne cocktail ideas
Photo credit: Culture Trip

Make it NoLo

Enjoy these NYE cocktails without the hangover by using alcohol-free sparkling wine instead of champagne or use half and half. You could also swap out the suggested spirits with your favourite non-alcoholic spirit - don’t forget to download our CROSSIP mixer guide for more information on which flavours mix best with our CROSSIP 0% spirits.

​​Sparkling Mulled Wine Holiday Cocktail

Spritz up your New Year’s Eve with this Mulled Wine Spritzer. All the flavours of the holiday season but served cold and with a little fizz!


Make it NoLo

Moderate your drinking by cooking the mulled wine for longer to burn off that alcohol! You could also try experimenting with the Red Jukes Cordialite instead of red wine.

woman drinking alcohol free new years eve mulled wine cocktail

Candy Cane Cocktail

What to do with all those leftover candy canes from Christmas? Infuse some vodka with them and use it for a candy cane cocktail of course! You can even crush some up to create candy cane rims around your martini glasses.


Make it NoLo

Substitute some or all of the candy cane infused vodka with a clear non-alcoholic spirit of your choice or a low alcohol vodka such as the PURE LITE 20%. You could add some peppermint syrup to give it that extra minty kick. Chocolate extract could be used instead of the crème de cacao.

Sex on a Snowbank Winter Cocktail

No white Christmas this year? Perhaps we’ll be lucky enough for a New Year’s Eve snowfall. If not, knock together some of these frosty cocktails to give your party that wintry feel. Not a fan of the snow? Not to worry, the Sex on a Snowbank is a coconut cocktail; simply close your eyes and imagine yourself in warmer climes. It’s the best of both worlds (or seasons).


Make it NoLo

Switch the rum for Dandy Smoke or another one of your favourite non-alcoholic spirits.

alcohol free zombie cocktail for new years eve

A Zombie Cocktail to Help You Forget Last Year

We wouldn’t blame you if you decided on a New Year’s Eve cocktail that will knock your socks off…it’s been a challenging year! The Zombie was concocted by Donn Beach in the 1930s and contains 3 types of rum, as well as Pernod and Angostura Bitters. It will certainly leave you feeling like a zombie if you drink too many. This recipe calls for Apricot Brandy instead of Pernod - you can use either!


Make it NoLo

There’s loads of potential to make this an alcohol-free or low alcohol New Year’s Eve cocktail! Try swapping all or some of the rum with Dandy Smoke, use a star anise syrup instead of the Pernod, and substitute the Apricot Brandy with homemade apricot juice.

Enter 2022 With a Fresh High

What better way to wash the blues away and toast to better days ahead than by drinking a Fresh High? This non-alcoholic cocktail will leave you feeling refreshed and breezy, ready to take on whatever 2022 throws at you!


Make it Alcoholic

This cocktail is already free from alcohol and is a fantastic drink with which to prevent any hangover anxiety on New Year’s Day. Nevertheless, it can be easily adapted for those of you looking for an extra kick. If you’re feeling naughty, simply add a dash of gin or vodka!

Cherry Blossom NYE Cocktail

Since spring is now just around the corner, ring in the New Year with a cherry blossom cocktail. It’s a healthy dose of optimism for new beginnings and good things to come - the perfect New Year’s Eve cocktail!


Make it NoLo

Substitute the vodka for Pure Hibiscus and add a dash of wild rice milk as an alternative to Nigori Sake.

Happy New Year!

We hope you enjoy your New Year’s Eve cocktails. Don’t forget to share your concoctions with us on Instagram! Tag us @crossipdrinks 

alcohol free new years eve cocktails

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