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What is the best mocktail recipe? (Spoiler alert, it doesn't exist!)

What is the best mocktail recipe? (Spoiler alert, it doesn't exist!)

Ah mocktails.. Yes, we’ve written about them in the past and yes, the word is essentially banned at CROSSIP HQ. But as mainstream media is starting to explore the non-alcoholic industry more and more, we keep seeing this term popping up again and again.

So what’s our issue?

Well the word “Mocktail” continues to conjure up notions of an imitation of traditional alcoholic cocktails.. And a poor imitation at that! With juice based mocktails, we would agree these mimics were a sub-par representation of a non-alcoholic alternative, but times have changed.

We firmly believe that the Non-Alcoholic Spirits industry has evolved to such an extent that it can (unapologetically) boldly and confidently stand toe-to-toe with its alcoholic counterparts. 

At CROSSIP, we do have a range of Reimagined Classic cocktail recipes, but these are far from poor imitations. These serves offer that air of familiarity to traditional cocktail drinkers, but gone are the days when they simply lacked “a bit of something”.

Flavour, mouthfeel, quality, that alcoholic bite.. These are characteristics that now shine through the most premium non-alcoholic spirits, separating themselves from the crowd by being a viable beverage choice, rather than a beverage alternative classed as a “Mocktail”.

Similar to the wave of Non-Alcoholic Craft Beers and IPA’s, these non-alcoholic spirits now stand in their own right as offering a drinks experience like no other. At CROSSIP, we love to refer to our products as “spirits” (period) rather than “non-alcoholic spirits”. This may ruffle the feathers of some who lean on dictionary definitions, but life’s too short for that! 

CROSSIP is proudly the base of any great cocktail, much like any traditional alcoholic spirit. A liquid that has the versatility to satisfy any sophisticated drinker, including those looking for Low ABV options. Designed to be savoured, we’re glad that mocktails designed to be glugged are now far in the rear view mirror!

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