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Bartenders finally have their say - A note from Carl Anthony Brown

Bartenders finally have their say - A note from Carl Anthony Brown

Over the five years, we've loved being part of the No&Lo industry growth story, as evidenced by numerous consumer surveys revealing the lowering stigma and open-mindedness of those looking to explore non-alcoholic beers, spirits, wines and ciders. 

However, we feel this only tells one side of the story. We felt it was now time to get the views and opinions of those behind the bar. We feel qualified and motivated to go and speak to this community thanks to the acclaimed on-trade background of both myself and co-founder, Tim Blake (after all, CROSSIP was “Born in a Bar, Not in a Boardroom”!). 

While it may seem bars, hotels and restaurants may respond to consumer demand, we know that those in the front- and back-of-house control where drinks and drink trends are created. They are the true purveyors of the No&Lo message to consumers.



With 88% of on-trade venues now offering No and Low Alcoholic Alternatives, we believe that there is no-one as well-versed in the category as these hospitality professionals.

This survey has spoken to a broad mix of industry professionals, across the different regions and venue styles that we have in the UK. We’re excited to partner with CGA, the UK’s Leading On-Trade Insight Consultancy, to bring this ground-breaking piece of research to the industry. In our bid to support our friends in the on-trade during a difficult trading climate, we have intentionally made this report freely available to all so that all bartenders and bar owners can benefit from our insight and findings to help develop their businesses.



  • 94% of Bartenders either currently stock No&Lo Beverages or plan to in the future
  • 75% of Bartenders personally drink No&Lo Beverages
  • 97% of Bartenders see the importance in stocking both Non-Alc and Low ABV products
  • 82% of Bartenders plan to increase their No&Lo offering in the next 12 months, with around 85% of which targeting No&Lo spirits
  • 80% of Bartenders agree No&Lo adds new occasions to existing alcohol occasions, rather than replacing them
  • 80% of Bartenders agree that their Primary Consumer Target for No&Lo are those who are not solely teetotal

The CGA x CROSSIP No&Lo On-Trade Survey shows that not only have bars and restaurants enhanced their No&Lo offering over recent years, but it’s going to develop even further! It’s clear that venues will be expanding their No&Lo ranges further to cover a full spectrum of price points, flavour varieties and levels of quality.

Gone are the days of mindlessly placing a single No&Lo beer in your fridge or spirit on your back bar. No&Lo options are now standing toe-to-toe with their alcoholic counterparts in the range and variety they offer, satisfying any customer that walks into their venue, extending to bespoke menu visibility and the training support that bartenders now receive.



We’re excited for you to read through our findings in this report and discover the No&Lo trends across the on-trade that will help your business flourish in the future and look forward to talking to more of you next year!

Download the full report here:

Carl Anthony Brown - CROSSIP Founder & Master of Liquid.

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