mulled winter cocktail using non alcoholic spirit rich berry

Spice up Christmas With These Non-Alcoholic Winter Cocktails

‘Tis the season to be jolly and all that jazz! But how can you get into the holiday spirit with no actual spirits? Sugary mocktails and lime sodas don’t quite warm the cockles, especially during the Christmas season. Instead, what you need is a great selection of alcohol-free winter cocktails to get you in the festive mood.

And, being the kind and generous souls we are, the CROSSIP team would like to share our favourite cocktail recipes for you to try over the winter period. Many of these (but not all) involve our new limited edition Rich Berry 0% alcohol-free spirit, so make sure you grab yours before it sells out!


winter cocktail spirit rich berry by CROSSIP

If you’re moderating your drinking this festive season and want to make some low alcohol winter cocktails instead of non-alcoholic, you could try substituting half of the 0% spirits with your favourite alcoholic spirit.

alcohol free winter cocktail

Have a berry Merry Christmas with this Smashed winter cocktail

Nothing says Christmas like rich berries and winter spice all smooshed up with some ice and mint! This alcohol-free winter cocktail will liven up any festive party.


alcohol free winter cocktail

Get warm and cosy with this Rich Apple Toddy

Heat together some cloudy apple juice with CROSSIP Rich Berry and garnish with a lemon slice to warm up those wintery evenings. It’s the perfect drink to snuggle up with under your duvet.


alcohol free winter cocktail

Wash down that festive cheeseboard with this smouldering Cocktail Date

Sticky sweet dates have so many wonderful uses, including as an ingredient in this incredible winter cocktail. The addition of kombucha gives this drink a deliciously sour fizz that stimulates the tongue and creates the perfect cheeseboard accompaniment.


alcohol free winter cocktail

Warm your soul by drinking something even better than a cup of tea

Tea lovers, you’re going to love this Yorkshire Punch cocktail! It combines the humble Yorkshire Tea (a proper brew!) with Dandy Smoke for a lusciously smooth and smoky pine flavour.


alcohol free winter cocktail

A martini? For breakfast?

During the festive season, you can get away with drinking a non-alcoholic Breakfast Martini to go with your slice of sourdough toast in the mornings...why? Cos we said so! This winter cocktail provides refreshing citrus notes with a hint of bitter marmalade and delicate tea.


alcohol free winter cocktail

Enjoy a Wibble for some winter fireside sipping

A true 90’s classic, this alcohol-free Wibble cocktail balances notes of grapefruit with rich winter spice. Simply shake some Rich Berry with grapefruit juice, syrup, lemon juice and ice for a beautifully crisp drinking experience.


alcohol free winter cocktail

Stimulate conversations this winter with a luxury alcohol-free Coffee Old Fashioned

Coffee...the perfect cocktail ingredient? We think so. The bittersweet roasted bean flavour combines so well with the smoky sweetness of Dandy Smoke. This Coffee Old Fashioned is a delightful way to finish off the evening.


alcohol free winter cocktail

Guarantee a white Christmas with this Violet Ramos

No snow forecast this year? Let’s make it snow by frothing up CROSSIP Fresh Citrus with some aquafaba (and a bunch of other essential cocktail ingredients) to create a smooth fluffy texture and scrumptiously musky sweet drink.


alcohol free winter cocktail

Drink this ginger & lemon winter cocktail to ward off those sniffles

Between the Sheets combines fresh and tart lemon juice with the warm and spicy flavours of ginger. Lemon and ginger have been used in partnership for thousands of years to ward away illness and winter colds. They’re also a fantastic duo in this 0% cocktail!


alcohol free winter cocktail

Invigorate your Christmas with a zesty mandarin flavoured Cosmo

Although we often associate orange fruits with sunshine, mandarins typically don’t ripen until the winter season, which is why they’ve become a staple part of many Christmas traditions. Make it part of one more by shaking up a non-alcoholic Cosmo. This winter cocktail imparts bold hints of mandarin balanced out with sour and tart cranberry.


alcohol free winter cocktail

Finish your night with a fruity little number and a dash of spice

Nothing says warm and fruity like a Spiced Sangria. You’ll love this winter cocktail so much you’ll be drinking it all year round! 


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