How to Use Your Favourite Drinks Mixers

How to Use Your Favourite Drinks Mixers

Maybe you’ve received a batch of sophisticated mixers as a Christmas gift? Or perhaps you’ve got a few of your favourite drinks mixers leftover from the New Year’s Eve party that need using up? But the problem is, you’re doing Dry January! Or even just moderating your drinking.

What on earth should you do with all those premium mixers?

Before you put them into storage until February or, even worse, chuck them out, we have a few suggestions up our proverbial sleeve.

It’s time to flip drinks mixing on its head! Instead of starting with an alcoholic or non-alcoholic spirit, let’s work backwards to make no and low drinks using some of your favourite mixers!

But first…

What is a drinks mixer?

mixer | /ˈmɪksə/
A soft drink that can be mixed with alcoholic or non-alcoholic spirits to make simple serves.

Now you know…let’s mix them up!

double dutch drinks mixer
Photo credit: Double Dutch

Double Dutch’s Cucumber & Watermelon + Fresh

Nothing says fresh quite like cucumber and watermelon. So if you’re sick of winter and searching for those summery vibes, then our preferred choice of drinks mixer, Double Dutch’s Cucumber & Watermelon, is what you’re going to want to reach for!

We recommend pairing it with our Fresh Citrus non-alcoholic spirit for an alcohol-free drink and adding a dash of gin if you wish to make it low.

Oh, and we have a cheeky little discount code just for you! Enter DDCROSSIP15 at the checkout for 15% off any of the Double Dutch mixers!


fever tree blood orange drinks mixer
Photo credit: Fever-Tree

Fever-Tree’s Blood Orange Soda + Pure

Made using Sicily's finest blood oranges, Fever-Tree’s Blood Orange Soda is a complex and sophisticated mixer that pairs perfectly with Pure Hibiscus 0%. Reach for this mixer if you enjoy the sweet and citrus notes of blood oranges blended with aromatic wormwood and delicate balsam. 

To make this a low alcohol drink, add a splash of vodka.


barrel smoked cola drinks mixer
Photo credit: Artisan Drinks

Artisan Drinks’ Barrel Smoked Cola + Dandy

Artisan Drinks take the bitter herbal taste of cola nuts to the next level by complementing them with barrique barrel aged smokey top notes.

The Barrel Smoked Cola mixer pairs well with premium bourbon, whisky or rum so if you’re creating a no or low alcohol drink, try substituting all or just half of your preferred measure of spirit with Dandy Smoke 0%.


london essence drinks mixer

London Essence’s Grapefruit & Rosemary + Fresh

Established in 1896, London Essence began by creating exquisite essences for the city’s most elegant perfume houses. Their unparalleled experience in the art of intricately layering flavours eventually led them to create some of the finest drinks mixers, including our favourite: Grapefruit & Rosemary.

If you’ve got this delicious mixer lurking in your pantry, we suggest pairing it with Fresh Citrus 0% for a tantalising Dry January drink. Alternatively, if you’re moderating your drinking, we recommend adding half Fresh half gin.


fentimans rhubarb drinks mixer
Photo credit: Fentimans

Fentimans’ Pink Rhubarb Tonic + Pure

Love vintage rhubarb sweets? Then Fentimans’ Pink Rhubarb Tonic is the mixer for you!

Mix it with Pure Hibiscus 0% to transport yourself back to your innocent youth whilst adding layers of adult sophistication and complexity. Make it low by using half Pure and half classic London Dry Gin.


pineapple soda drinks mixer
Photo credit: Three Cents

Three Cents’ Pineapple Soda + Dandy

Pineapple Soda is a drinks mixer created to spotlight the tropical aromas of fresh, ripe pineapples, sourced from the Caribbean and South America. It’s best suited for enjoying underneath the nearest palm tree but its warm, tropical flavours will help to create those eternal summer vibes no matter where you are in the world.

Try it mixed with Dandy Smoke 0% and add a splash of your favourite spiced rum to make it low.


sekforde premium drinks mixer
Photo credit: Sekforde

Sekforde’s Prickly Pear, Fig & Cardamom Soda + Fresh

The Prickly Pear, Fig & Cardamom Soda was created on the principle of "what grows together, goes together”. In other words, since prickly pear and fig trees grow beside agave plants, Sekforde recommends this mixer paired with an agave-based spirit such as tequila or mezcal.

The understated honeyed notes delivered by the prickly pear and fig also lend themselves really well to Fresh Citrus 0%. Use your preferred measure of Fresh for a non-alcoholic drinkl or use half Fresh and half tequila or mezcal to make it low.


green tea premium drinks mixer
Photo credit: Two Keys

Two Keys’ Green Tea Soda + Pure

Winner of the Great Taste Award and Gold Medallist of The Spirits Business’ Tonic & Mixers Masters, Two Keys’ Green Tea Soda uses only the finest Japanese green teas - Gyokuro, Tencha and Kukicha. This exquisite mixer delivers a uniquely sweet and refreshing flavour with a delicate touch of umami.

We love to pair Green Tea Soda with Pure Hibiscus 0% to complement the fresh flavours with floral notes and layers of herbal bitterness. To make this low, try substituting half of the Pure for your favourite vodka. 


franklin and sons premium drink mixer
Photo credit: Franklin & Sons LTD

Franklin & Sons’ Brewed Ginger Beer + Dandy

A British classic, Franklin & Sons’ mouth tingling mixer has been brewed for a week with malted barley to elevate the carbonation levels.

We can’t get enough of the Brewed Ginger Beer served over a glass of ice with Dandy Smoke 0%. Mix with half Dandy and half whisky for a low alcohol drink.


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