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How To Make A Summer Cup Cocktail Alcohol-Free

How To Make A Summer Cup Cocktail Alcohol-Free

Traditionally known as a summer cup, there is nothing quite so refreshing as a glass of Pimms while watching *insert famous tennis championship* (or at least pretending to). So delighting your alcohol-free guests with a delicious alternative that still hits the spot will quench thirsts and elevate your summer gatherings.

What is a non-alcoholic Summer Cup Cocktail?

You can make a Pimms-style drink, without the alcohol and still offer the same refreshing and fruity experience. You need a sophisticated alcohol-free spirit to provide a foundation - one that offers the same intensely herbal and fruity flavour that lengthens well with lemonade.

Here's why it is the perfect alcohol-free cocktail for the summer:

Pitcher perfect: Whether hosting a garden BBQ or picnic, a non-alcoholic summer cup cocktail is a versatile crowd-pleaser. Vibrant flavours and colours make it a great addition to the table for everyone to enjoy - including non-drinkers, designated drivers or pregnant guests.

Refreshment: Summer cup cocktails are typically made with fresh fruits, herbs, and a base spirit. The absence of alcohol makes it a refreshing and hydrating choice for hot summer days, ensuring you stay cool and hydrated while enjoying your drink.

To enhance the flavour and experience of your non-alcoholic summer cup cocktail, bring in CROSSIP Pure Hibiscus.

CROSSIP Pure Hibiscus is an alcohol-free spirit crafted with inspiration from Italian bitters and aperitifs. With its floral and tangy profile, it adds depth and complexity to your non-alcoholic summer cup and an elevated mouthfeel when lengthened and laden with fresh fruits.

How to make a non-alcoholic Summer Cup Cocktail

Here’s a non-alcoholic pitcher cocktail recipe for 4 people:

100ml CROSSIP PURE Hibiscus
Cucumber, sliced
Strawberries, sliced
Oranges, sliced
Fresh mint
Lots of ice

Add PURE Hibiscus and ice to a jug, top with lemonade and load up with fruit. Pour into a cup, then garnish with sliced fruits and a sprig of fresh mint.

We recommend preparing for multiple batches of this - it's a winner!


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