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The Best Alcohol-Free Piña Colada Recipe

The Best Alcohol-Free Piña Colada Recipe

**Disclaimer - this is a shameless plug to celebrate the launch of CROSSIP Blazing Pineapple (Limited Edition) to make delicious non-alcoholic Piña Coladas this Summer**

You haven’t truly made it to Summer until you have a tiki glass in hand and a pineapple leaf garnish hovering precariously beneath your pupil. You say Piña, we say “Hold the rum, there is something even tastier to make this a Colada”.
Keep all of the sweet, juicy pineapple and cooling, creamy coconut flavours - and build in a spicy, non-alcoholic twist using CROSSIP Blazing Pineapple.

The result? A refreshing Summer drink like no other.

If you’re wondering what to make for your guests that aren’t drinking, this is the perfect virgin cocktail for your next BBQ party - whether they’re abstaining, driving, pregnant or simply taking it easy.

What Ingredients Do You Need To Make a Piña Colada?

Not rum
It is not an essential ingredient in this seriously delicious Piña Colada recipe. Instead, reach for a bottle of expertly crafted CROSSIP Blazing Pineapple.
Made with pineapple, citrus and stone fruits, aromatic spices and scotch bonnet chillis, giving you a heady mix of peach, raspberry & oak, followed by juicy pineapple, cinnamon & nutmeg and a warm, fiery finish.

Pineapple Juice
Fresh is best, but if you’re miles away from the nearest fruit stall and need your piña-fix fast, then bottled or carton juice is perfectly okay to use - watch out for the extra sweetness.

Coconut cream
Pineapple’s tropical partner in crime, creamy coconut to thicken, cool and refresh. You can find this in a carton at most good supermarkets and world food stores.

Lime Juice
The fresh burst of citrus lightens the juicy sweetness and thick coconut - and adds a pop of zesty refreshment.

How to make a non-alcoholic Piña Colada?


  • ½ Lime Juice
  • 50ml Coconut Cream
  • 100ml Pineapple Juice
  • 35ml CROSSIP Blazing Pineapple

Add all ingredients to a shaker with some chunky blocks of ice and give it a good shake to mix and lengthen the flavours and chill your drink. Pour straight into a tiki glass, add a little more ice and begin to assemble your elaborate garnish display.

Serious talk, garnishes
At an absolute minimum, we’d expect to see:

  • A pineapple leaf
  • A lime wedge
  • A tiny parrot
  • An umbrella
  • A colourful stirrer
  • A metal straw

To celebrate the launch of CROSSIP Blazing Pineapple, we've created even more alcohol-free Piña Colada and tropical non-alc cocktail recipes.

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