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9 Sober(-ish) Celebs & Why They Moderate Their Drinking

sober celebs

Choosing to moderate your drinking, or ditch the booze altogether, is a hugely personal decision and one that requires careful consideration. It also presents a few challenges since many social situations involve alcohol in one way or another.

Learning about other people’s stories, particularly those of individuals that inspire us, can provide encouragement and impetus to create a more balanced lifestyle; one where the benefits of no alcohol or low alcohol shine through!

Without further ado, here’s a list of sober celebs (and those that drink responsibly), along with their reasons for abstaining:

kit harrington a sober celeb

Kit Harrington

The celeb best known for his prominent role in Game of Thrones opened up in a recent interview with The Sunday Times to address his issues with alcohol addiction. Now sober for over two years and leading a happier life with his family, Harrington had these words of encouragement for others looking to ditch the booze:

“One of my favourite things I learnt recently is that the expression 'a leopard doesn’t change its spots' is completely false: a leopard actually does change its spots. It really helped. That was something I kind of clung to; the idea that I could make this huge fundamental change in who I was and how I went about my life.”

fearne cotton a sober celeb

Fearne Cotton

Whilst not completely teetotal, Cotton is very open about changing her mindset regarding alcohol. From a self-confessed “party girl” to a mother of two, she now leads a more moderate lifestyle that enables her to focus on her family whilst pursuing her exciting career as a celeb!

lana del rey a sober celeb

Lana Del Ray

After numerous visits to rehab, Lana Del Ray went sober at the age of 20 to concentrate on her music. Her album, Born to Die, features numerous songs about her experience with alcohol. She even refers to booze as “the first love of my life” in a 2012 interview with GQ.

daniel radcliffe a sober celeb

Daniel Radcliffe

Perhaps surprisingly, the boy who lived, Daniel Radcliffe, has admitted to being dreadfully hungover in many of the famous Harry Potter scenes; pointing out that he looked “dead behind the eyes”. Drinking to numb his identity crisis and to cope with becoming a celeb at such a young age, Radcliffe attempted sobriety a few times before finding his feet and cutting out the booze for good.

He recommends joining the gym or occupying yourself with a shopping trip to keep your mind off the alcohol, both worthwhile activities. In fact, Radcliffe claims that sobriety has benefitted his life and mind in other ways as well:

“I was a really voracious reader in my teens and that was one of the things I found drinking took away from me, bizarrely, as a side effect. I didn’t have the compulsion or energy to read anything. So I’ve got that back.”

leona lewis sober celeb

Leona Lewis

Some of us just don’t like the taste of alcohol and Leona Lewis is definitely in that category. Although she seems to enjoy alcohol-free drinks since she celebrated her debut single (Bleeding Love) hitting the number one spot in the charts with non-alcoholic champagne!

bradley cooper sober celeb

Bradley Cooper

Another sober celeb with big ambitions, Bradley Cooper (and ironically, the leading actor in The Hangover) told The Hollywood Reporter that he quit the booze to push himself further to reach his goals.

"I don't drink or do drugs anymore. I realised I wasn't going to live up to my potential, and that scared the hell out of me. I thought, 'Wow, I'm actually gonna ruin my life. I'm really gonna ruin it.'"

shania twain sober celeb

Shania Twain

Known to enjoy a drink or two at a hockey match, Shania Twain mostly abstains from alcohol for health reasons. In her biography, she states:

“I like a clean band. I don’t like drugs. I don’t like alcohol,” Twain writes in her autobiography. “I like to have clean-living people around me.”

Clearly, alcohol do[es]n’t impress her much!

kendrick lamar sober celeb

Kendrick Lamar

Regarded as one of the most influential artists of his generation, Kendrick Lamar is a teetotal celeb. Despite discussing alcohol and drugs in his songs, Lamar abstains from both due to witnessing substance abuse in his childhood. His ability to stay focused on his creativity and connect with his audience has led him to win 14 Grammys and counting!

kim kardashian sober celeb

Kim Kardashian

Another advocate of the moderate drinking culture, Kim Kardashian is a world-famous reality TV star who strives to drink responsibly and abstains from drugs. Speaking to People about her earlier drug use, Kardashian said that “everything bad would happen”. Instead of booze, she likes to drink alcohol alternatives such as iced tea!

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