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Join us for a series of 'CROSSIP Convos' as we shine a spotlight on the amazing bartenders, venue owners, ambassadors and hospitality heroes we interact with every day. 

CROSSIP was born in a bar, not a boardroom, and it's about time our mates in the on-trade industry had an opportunity to share their stories of how they began their journey in this crazy and beautiful hospitality world and what being unapologetically bold means to them. 

 Up next, we have the wonderful GIOVANNI ALBIERO from Sticky Mango, Tower Bridge.

What’s your name?
Giovanni Albiero

Where do you work?
Sticky Mango, Tower Bridge

How’d you get into the hospitality scene?
It all started back in my hometown in Italy, I was looking for a part time job to get some money while finishing high school, and I just happened to fall in love with the hospitality industry

Your best hospitality story?
It probably has to be from my last experience working abroad for a wedding in New Delhi. Had to prepare ginger syrup to serve 200 of our Ginger Margarita, so I needed 12 litres of lime juice and to blend 5kg of ginger. Should have seen my face when they brought me 300 limes to be squeezed by hand and a parmesan grater to grate the ginger. Took me over 5 hours to prep, but the actual wedding experience made up for the struggle and the yellow stained hands!

Favourite bar in the world?
For me it has to be the Good Friends Never Bojio Club, Georgetown, Malaysia. Very hidden speakeasy, took me 2 hours to find the entrance door (a tightly shut garage door). Once I got in, the whole atmosphere transformed. Lovely dimmed lights all over the place, a team of incredibly inventive and creative bartenders and some of the best cocktails I’ve tried.

Favourite way to drink CROSSIP?
1 brown sugar cube, single shot of Dandy Smoke, double shot of whisky and a splash of water. Makes a truly amazing old fashioned.

What’s your go-to when drinking at home?
Whisky Highball. Probably one of the most simple drinks to have but after a long day at the restaurant it just hits the spot.

What does UNAPOLOGETICALLY BOLD mean to you?
Something or someone that is not scared of showing their true colours. It could be a charismatic personality or someone with great humour, but definitely someone or something that when I get back home before going to sleep I think “you know what? that was the best part of the day for me".


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