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CROSSIP: A drink for your mind, body and soul

CROSSIP: A drink for your mind, body and soul
This year’s Mental Health Awareness Week fell between the 10th and 16th of May, and as wellbeing is one of the driving factors behind the CROSSIP drinks range, we caught up with Carl Anthony Brown to find out more about the inspiration behind his delicious alcohol-free spirits.

Creating three signature flavours

One of the most important aspects of CROSSIP is that you get the taste, flavour and sensation of a spirit or cocktail without the alcohol.

Dedicated to creating the perfect flavour and sensation, Carl spent hours slowly sipping and analysing his favourite spirits, carefully writing notes as he went to determine how he could capture their essence.

The result?

An unapologetically bold range of alcohol-free spirits that open you up to a whole portfolio of mixed beverages and cocktails.

Giving you more choice

But why go alcohol-free?

Well, with one in four (25%) adults in the UK already semi-regularly consuming no and low alcohol products, it’s clear that people want more alcohol-free options.

So though CROSSIP is not an anti-alcohol brand, they are all about balance. Speaking on the subject, Carl says:

“We are not an anti-drinking company; we are very much about that balance in your life. So we’re saying yeah, if you want to drink, do drink, but here’s a really flavourful option for if you don’t want to or if you want to take a break.”

So essentially, CROSSIP was designed to give people the choice to still join in and socialise without feeling left out. It is a mature, adult drink that can be enjoyed slowly. This way, non-drinkers can feel just as much a part of the social event as those who are drinking.

Looking after your mind and body

And as we mentioned earlier, mental health and wellbeing are some of the driving forces behind the CROSSIP drinks range. 

This is largely because, faced with the Coronavirus pandemic, lockdown and the loss of his bar, Carl’s mental health was suffering and he knew he couldn’t just sit around and do nothing. And after finding two great business partners to work with, the CROSSIP journey took off.

One of the key benefits of non-alcoholic drinks is that you don’t get the hangover or negative connotations of drinking alcohol, and when talking about CROSSIP and drinking in moderation, Carl adds:

“I want to wake up in the morning fresh and I want to go for a run, because going for that run or going to the gym or playing a game of rugby or going for a cycle, that helps my mental health.”

With this in mind, a huge part of what the team are doing includes giving 5% of the profits of every bottle sold to social causes, in particular addiction and mental health charities such as CALM.

‘The truth is there has never been more #awareness around mental health. What we need now is #action. With the announcement of a roadmap out of lockdown and vaccines rolling out across the country, it feels like there’s a light at the end of the tunnel.’ CALM

And you can find out more about CROSSIP, its delicious flavours and the work the team are doing to raise awareness of mental health all year round, in the full video below.

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