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Try These Alcohol Free Drinks for Pregnancy

Try These Alcohol Free Drinks for Pregnancy

You’re pregnant? That’s amazing! A hearty congratulations are in order, let’s celebrate with a glass or two of bubbly!

Oh no, wait…you’re off the booze.

pregnant couple not drinking alcohol

According to multiple scientific and medical sources, there is no safe level for drinking alcohol during pregnancy. Therefore, pregnant women are advised to abstain from booze completely. What’s more, since studies have shown that traces of ethanol can be detected in breast milk after the consumption of non-alcoholic beer, even NoLo products that contain just a small percentage of alcohol are inadvisable.

NHS Alcohol & Pregnancy Guidelines

BUT (and this is a big but), whilst many drinks listed as alcohol-free may contain traces of ethanol, we’re here to tell you that there are plenty of safe 0% options available for expectant and new mothers (and when we say 0%, we mean 0.0% alcohol-free).

alcohol free pregnancy

And no, we’re not suggesting you stick to lime and soda, we’ve got drinks that are much more exciting up our proverbial sleeves! Beers, sparkling wine, cocktails and even spirits; we’ve listed some of the best 0% beverages for an alcohol-free pregnancy.

Now, where’s that glass of bubbly?

lyserød alcohol free for pregnant women

1. LYSERØD - Copenhagen Sparkling Tea Company

Perfect for: Celebrations or al fresco afternoons with family and friends

What alcohol-free sparkling wines lack in alcohol, they usually more than make up for in sugar…not exactly conducive for a healthy pregnancy either! Fortunately, there are lower sugar options available, LYSERØD being one of the best. This non-alcoholic drink made by Copenhagen Sparkling Tea Company is the driest of their range with a sugar content of 20 grams per litre; not that this dampens the flavour since LYSERØD also contains the largest amount of tea per litre. The Darjeeling and Oolong deliver floral and herbaceous notes that yoke perfectly with the smoky bitterness of the hibiscus and just a hint of umami; LYSERØD’s flavour is nothing short of classy.


Crossip Pure Hibiscus Pure Cup

2. Pure, Fresh & Dandy - CROSSIP 0% Spirits

Perfect for: Cocktail nights with the girls and just whenever

Who said pregnant women can’t join their friends on a night out? The great news is that there are now more sophisticated alcohol-free drink options than ever before and Pure, Fresh and Dandy are the perfect addition to alcohol-free cocktails. Macerated rather than brewed and distilled, no alcohol is used in the manufacturing process, so these drinks are guaranteed to be 0.0%! The full selection of CROSSIP spirits has something for everyone, whether that’s an Aperol Spritz, Martini or Old Fashioned! From simple serves to virtuoso, why not have a go at mixing your own alcohol-free cocktails or enjoy a night out on the town at one of the many CROSSIP stockists across the UK?


alcohol free beer for pregnant women

3. Heineken 0.0 - Heineken

Perfect for: BBQs and watching the game

A truly delicious and refreshing non-alcoholic beer, Heineken 0.0 more than challenges its higher-ABV counterparts in aroma, taste, and body. Rather than remove the alcohol from the original beer, Heineken’s master brewer, Willem van Waesberge, brewed this 0.0% beer from scratch in order to achieve a unique alcohol-free experience. Heineken 0.0 contains a maximum 0.05% ABV (alcohol by volume), which is lower than many food products such as juice, bread and bananas. According to Heineken, “This amount has no impact on the body and is fully fine in view of driving and pregnancy or alc-intolerant medical treatment.”


Jukes Cordialities for pregnant women

4. Jukes 6 - Jukes Cordialities

Perfect for: Dinner parties and evenings in front of the fire

Thoughtfully inclusive, Jukes Cordialities are 0.0%, vegan, low in calories, good for the gut and absurdly delicious! For an alcohol-free pregnancy without sacrifices, the lusty, deep red Jukes 6 delivers layers of rich and complex flavours. This non-alcoholic cordial is packed full of red fruit, strawberries, berries, plums and gut-friendly organic apple cider vinegar. Inspired by red wine styles, Jukes 6 is incredibly versatile and pairs well with a wide variety of dishes. The cordial can be enjoyed in cocktails, with tonic, or as a still dark red or sparkling red wine.


beer for pregnant women

5. 0.00% Wit - Lowlander

Perfect for: Summer days and as an accompaniment to spicy food

Rock pregnancy and tackle food waste by drinking a 0.00% Wit, a zero alcohol and zero waste beer made from orange and lemon peel reclaimed from bars and restaurants! The Lowlanders are broadening the horizons of beer by brewing with botanicals and we have to admit that we’ve never tasted anything quite like it. 0.00% Wit is an award-winning, lip-smackingly refreshing beer inspired by Dutch explorers and inventors. What’s more, each purchase contributes to sustainable forestry projects for a healthier climate!


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